My Church is not a building, really…

Posted: June 19, 2010 in ecclesia
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It is a sad truth that most believers are so conditioned by institutional religion that they can point to a building and say  “that’s my church”.  Or say something like “my church is at the corner of such and such streets” or ask “how many people can your church seat”? If you remind them the Church is the body of Christ, not a building, they will give a vague nod but often continue on with such a mindset.  I remember the first time I heard a brother bring this up, in fact every time I called a building a Church he corrected me, I thought maybe he was a little overboard at the time.  I had been saved in the institution (and a lukewarm one at that) and had been conditioned for a few years by it and so I still had some loyalty to it.  Sadly, my poor concept of what the Church was, was also symbolic of my poor concept of who Christ was and what Christianity was.  I am not saying this describes all IC’s but it is the norm and would challenge you to travel around Europe and America visiting these places randomly if you do not believe me.

Imagine if I pointed to a house and said “that’s my family,  I am thinking about putting a fresh coat of paint on my family next year.”  Only a madman would say such a thing, but that is how we have been conditioned.   I believe I can say with all authority that calling the building a Church is a very big deal in the eyes of the Lord.  Christ died for His Church, not for a building.  He did not shed His precious blood for a building.  It is [a byproduct of] Roman Catholic idolatry to call a building a Church.  Many Godly men do this out of ignorance, I do not condemn them, but I will warn them of what a big deal this is as it is Gods will that His true children be brought out from empty traditions.

A correct term for the building would be a meeting house.  That topic is for another post though.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, Ephesians 5:25 NKJV

  1. Mark says:

    Most people can differentiate between church and Church. When we say “that is our church” we are speaking of a building that the Church meets in. Similar to when we say “government”… it is not the buildings, however there are governmental buildings.

    The argument is childish.

    There simply isn’t anything wrong with a Biblical institutional church and you have failed to present that there is. You have succeeded in showing that you don’t like them. However, in doing that, you have also convinced me and multitudes of others that there is something missing in your church. House Church as a whole is a great idea… for those that are at “home” in this setting. The church I “attend” helps keep me grounded and anchored to Christ… I didn’t function well and actually started to become bitter toward the house church while I attended one.

    I do pray that you turn your focus back to Christ and not on the world. It seems you focus alot on things done “wrong” and not to your liking… and then present them as “Jesus doesn’t like this”. Using my gift of discernment, I find it easy to spot this type of thing. Jesus is not interested in the building, but rather the relationship… and I can assure you that the house church doesn’t hold court on that.

    • fleebabylon says:

      “Using my gift of discernment, I find it easy to spot this type of thing.”

      WOW! That is like a deaf man talking about using his gift of hearing. I have always strived to be very gracious with you Mark, even though I have fallen short at times, but I have to say you are completely compromised with the worldly “church”. You are so blinded that you would even consider Roman Catholics to be your brethren along with the Seventh Day Adventist Cult. Perhaps we each follow a different Jesus Mark, and that is at the root of the problem. I speak from deep personal burdens and sometimes past failures of my own to warn people but you seem to love compromise and misunderstand much of what I write. I have no allegiance to the house church movment either, as most of it is leavened with the emergent church spirit. I prefer “dirty inner city back alley church” to house church anyway. Everything I have written about the institution is true though, it is what happens in the building and what it produces that concerns me, yet the building is a big part of it too. (Just look at how much money is spent on building funds).

      “Jesus is not interested in the building, but rather the relationship…”

      The majority of people that attend the building are interested in the building and the institution it symbolizes and not Jesus. (Except for your catholic and seventh day adventist brethren, they really love “jesus”, don’t they Mark?) Mark, you may get a nice smile and a pat on the back from other lukewarm, falsely converted, and compromised believers, but on the day of judgment your false unity with the harlott will be exposed for what it is… idolatry.

  2. fleebabylon says:

    Most people can differentiate between church and Church. When we say “that is our church” we are speaking of a building that the Church meets in.

    The argument is childish.


    Kind of like when we talk about putting a fresh coat of paint and new gutters on our family, I mean everyone knows that when I point to a brick building and call it my family I am realy talking about the building where my family meets? How strange your argument is mark.

  3. fleebabylon says:

    By the way mark, I get it, just as the title of the this post implies… your church is not a building, really.

  4. ian vincent says:

    Well, i’ll use MY gift of discernment right now! Won’t that be a blessing.

    Ketch, you certainly are going to the right church for you, you’ll fit in just fine.

    A Biblical church would be one which follows the example of the pattern the LORD gave thru His Apostles : built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone.

    Like as in 1 Cor. 14.

    There will be a plurality of elders, no “pastor”. The Holy Spirit will lead thru whom He wills, His gifts as He wills.

  5. ian vincent says:

    I’ve been thinking about this off and on, and i realized that there has been a shift in this generation, but not for the better.

    The previous generation did have more of a belief that church buildings are holy sanctuaries, like the OT temple. That has waned in some circles , but its been replaced by personality cults.

    The church is not so much the building anymore, but its “the man”. I thought of someone like Joel Osteen, for example. People would think in terms of “Joel Osteen’s church” : that where ever Joel is, that is “church”, and not so much his auditorium.

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