Ephesians 1 – We were personally chosen in Him

Posted: August 15, 2010 in christian living, ecclesia, Jesus
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My family just started a new study in Ephesians tonight. I almost backed off because of my younger children and the deep, wordy doctrine contained in the first half of the chapter. Here are a couple of thoughts on election, they wont win me any respect from either doctrinal camp but I think they are truth.
1) If someone dies in their sin and goes to hell it is because they deserve to die and go to hell, the blame is on them.
2) If someone is saved and inherits eternal life it is in spite of them, they do not deserve it, it is of Gods grace and all praise goes to Him.
3) Gods does not save people because he “forsaw” that they would choose Him
4) There is nobody who repents to faith in Christ to whom God says “sorry – I have not chosen you as one of my elect”
5) Anyone who does turn to Christ has done so by the electing grace and mercy of God

I wrapped up with a quote I’ve heard that goes like this (paraphrase)

On the outside of the door the sign reads “Whosoever will may come (into my kingdom)”.
On the inside the sign reads “Only those chosen from the foundation of the world enter in here”.

  1. ketch22 says:

    While I agree with 1, 2, and 4, there is no way we can know #3. I believe the only way we can have true relationship with God is through free will, however since I don’t know, I wouldn’t risk preaching that to the lost or new believers.

  2. ian vincent says:

    I like your approach, brother. I try to do the same: list and consider all the pertinent facts/truths, without swinging left or right into any given “camp”. Let the facts/truth speak on their own.

    A truth is either a truth, or it isn’t.

    Every point you’ve listed is “a truth” contained in, or relating to, God’s Word.

  3. ian vincent says:

    RE: “3) Gods does not save people because he “forsaw” that they would choose Him”

    Ketch, this statement does not deny freewill/man’s accountability/responsibility.


    The truth of election really is NOT the gospel message. It is understood after one is saved.

    Before one is saved, God has only one “doctrine” to teach the lost : REPENT and BELIEVE THE GOSPEL.

    No instance in Scripture of preaching the gospel where election is preached to the unconverted. It would be silly to do so.

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