Emergent Church Poster

Posted: September 25, 2010 in apostasy

  1. ketch22 says:

    Depends on what the meaning of Destination is. If they are talking about getting into Heaven, then I agree with this poster. If they are talking about Christ as the destination, then I completely disagree with this poster… the Journey with Christ and the destination of Christ are both what count.


  2. Steven Sinclair says:

    How can I infer necessarily true words from anything other than words?

  3. ian vincent says:

    RE: “The journey is what counts. Not the destination.”
    If you’re sure about the destination and have your eyes on the destination and perceive the GLORY of the destination, then you’ll enjoy the journey there, and even tell others about the destination.

    The destination IS Jesus. He is IN heaven. We are going to Him. He is also the journey, being our LIFE abd our companion here in this life.

    But the Emerging church does not have the true Jesus as their destination, so they can’t have Him for the journey.


    Jim, would you mail me? as i lost your email.


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