Apostate religous groups united at one.org

Posted: January 22, 2011 in harlot church
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islamic relief

Baptist world allience

Episcopal relief and development

lutheran world relief

presbeterian church usa

united methodist church general board of church and society

universalist unitarian association of congregations

Compassion International

world vision


  1. ketch22 says:

    Your take on Christ and His desire for us continues to amaze me. Are you suggesting that because they are involved with one.org they are apostate? Or that they are apostate, therefore they are involved with one.org? Can a God fearing man or group of men support a seculuar outfit that helps others? Maybe your take on reaching the lost is different than mine?

  2. fleebabylon says:

    “Can a God fearing man or group of men support a seculuar outfit that helps others?”

    Ketch – look into one.org… it is antichrist from the word go.

    • ketch22 says:

      I don’t see it. I see a secular organizations with non-believers and believers both contributing… sort of like where I work… a secular company that happens to employ Christians.

  3. fleebabylon says:

    “Your take on Christ and His desire for us continues to amaze me.”

    Blessed are the compromisers; the double minded, who share their hearts and ministries in spiritual harlotry with unregenerate man

    • ketch22 says:

      In the first twelve verses of Matthew 5 in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount we find these beatitudes you are inverting. These blessings–“Blessed are the poor in spirit…” “Blessed are those who mourn…” “Blessed are the meek…” “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness,” and so on–are descriptions of the character that Christians must have. But from verse 13 on, we are told how we must function in the world as the church of Jesus Christ. In this section, Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus tells his disciples, “You are the salt of the earth” and “You are the light of the world.” We cannot be a light if we close ourselves off behind our Church doors. We are to be in the world, just not of the world. If you truly believe one.org to be the anti-christ (I don’t share those feelings yet) then go in a blazin’. Enter their doors and shine God’s light while helping the poor. And instead of just helping the poor and impovrished, you might just change one.org as well.

  4. ketch22 says:

    We, as believers, need to stop being afraid of the world. We don’t embrace the world, but we enter into it with God’s light.


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