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I know many people who go to a church yet would openly confess that their true fellowship with brethren, their growth in Christ, and kingdom reality are actually found spending time with other believers in a living room, on the streets passing out tracts, in the ghetto preaching and feeding the poor, etc.  That is the sad reality for many true believers today…  they have new life in Christ but are shackled by tradition.

He who had died came forth, bound hand and foot with wrappings; and his face was wrapped around with a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.” John11:44

But the chief priests took counsel that they might put Lazarus to death also; because on account of him many of the Jews were going away, and were believing in Jesus. John12:10-11

Are you free indeed? Jesus came to make us free. But men seek to put you under bondage and lies. Men shackle you to traditions. They submit you to their personal kingdoms. They drag you down with false doctrines and bind you to outward forms of religion. This all hinders your personal relationship with Christ. It is a kind of spiritual death. You are Lazarus; Jesus has made you alive. But you are still bound hand and foot with religious bindings. He wills that what hinders be released from you, so that you can follow the Lamb wherever He goes. He decrees that you be unbound. Thus freed, you can now walk with Him, and sit with Him at the table and eat, as one of His friends. Incredibly, the religious do not approve of your resurrected life. You have been released from their bondage, lies and control. They are not happy that you are now alive again. Because on account of you, people may go away from them and believe in Jesus.
  1. Sean Scott says:

    “This is so true. I have a few friends who attend the house church tradition… passed down from Christ’s day…and they can’t see past that tradition” ~Ketch22

    “So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter” (2:15).

    • Sean Scott says:

      Sorry, I left out part of the scripture reference. That passage is from 2 Thes 2:15.

    • Sean Scott says:

      In reality, it has less to do with “where” you meet and has more to do with how you meet and what should and is permitted to take place according to the scriptures.

      This is where most institutional churches fail miserably.

    • ccsaxton says:

      Hi Sean,

      There is nothing wrong with the tradition of the apostles – the problem is that the churches don’t practice it…House churches that follow the apostles doctrine have a freedom of the Spirit that you won’t get in a “church service” so called once a week meeting…The church service for me is just something that is so rigid and hard hearted that I just can’t seem to get what it does in building up the Christians for service…it mostly caters for one man to let go and build himself up but then doesn’t allow Christians to then build themselves up…have you noticed as well that when you do have a home group within the church setting that the “minister” and/or pastor don’t come…its really strange…its like they are on a higher plain and don’t get mixed in with the congregation. To every church that I have gone to the one I know the least is the pastor or priest…they seem to put a kind of barrier between themselves and the congregation…its the church service mentality.

  2. ccsaxton says:

    Yes, I see that in the scripture above. the church “service and tradition”, which are of men, are like grave clothes which stifle the new born Christian.

    When I got saved it was awesome, the peace, the Spirit that came to me was pure love and peace…then i went to church thinking…this must be the next logical step…but it has been an absolute roller coaster ride with a cobra that has slowly curled around me and squeezed out of me all the joy and peace I have had.

    When singing the hymns that was lovely and listening to the word, love being taught…but when that is all that happens – week in and week out – it becomes false, dead, serviced to death…

    then when you dare to think that there is a better way than this…then come all of the threats and accusations…

    There is a better way and it is walking with Christ Jesus daily. The sermon on the mount was about walking with Him. It never said go to a church once a week and then go home. 1cor12 never happens in a “church service” – However, when I have met with Christians in home gatherings for a meal and sit down to share the bible – then I see a spark and a twinkle of life. When I have been out on the street preaching…there we see the spirit moving…The service doesn’t encourage the gifts of the individuals it just puts them in a cage.

    Maybe not all “churches services” do this…

  3. fleebabylon says:

    “Hi Sean,
    There is nothing wrong with the tradition of the apostles – the problem is that the churches don’t practice it”

    Yes brother, Sean is agreeing with you. I kind of messed up the comments by deleting the one he was responding to because:

    1 The posters main blog (ketch22) now doesn’t even attempt to be about Jesus or the kingdom but he is using it to get people to join his multi-level marketing scam and sell them christian vitamins or some nonsense like that

    2 The posters comment was just red herring style religious argument that takes away from the conversation.

    So again, sorry that I caused the confusion.. it was ketch22 coming against the apostles traditions.

  4. fleebabylon says:

    I still remember when Jesus first unbound me from the harlot church system and freed me to follow Him!

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