A parting shot at the reformation

Posted: March 23, 2011 in catholicism, christian living, ecclesia, harlot church, Jesus
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At the end of the day there are some true brethren (even pastors) in these protestant churches and I don’t want to come on so strong that they think I don’t love them deeply in Christ.  The fact is, that some old sermons from such pastors were used mightily by the Lord to convict me of a lukewarm christian walk and of compromise.  I still give these sermons on CD to younger brethren (to be fair these brothers could hardly be called traditional pastors).  I wanted to leave the subject with this chart I made and a quote (of course there are exceptions where some protestant churches).

Comparing Catholicism and Protestantism to the Bible…

  Roman Catholicism Protestantism Bible
Sovereign Authority Pope Denominational Head Jesus Christ
Church Director Father Senior Pastor Many Gifts / Holy Spirit
Church Attendees Laity Laity All Brethren
Church Architecture Cathedral Steeple House Living Stones
Church Meeting Mass Service Love Feast
In Conclusion Great Whore Harlot Daughters Spotless Bride

“Jesus isn’t coming for a crippled old woman but for a spotless bride” – Leonard Ravenhill

It’s been hundreds of years since the reformation, yet much of the resulting “bible believing” protestant church in the west is still a crippled old bag lady.  It is time to purge the leaven of roman catholic tradition from among us and use the God ordained means of His many membered body to build up His last days Church into a spotless bride.  [edit]

Colossians 3:16  Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

  1. fleebabylon says:

    Many house churching and out of church brethren label any local Church that

    A) meets in abuilding besides a house
    B) only has one pastor or teacher
    C) is larger then 30 people or so

    institutional and says it must be apostate. I think we need to be more careful then that. I also dont think that every person, in every institutional church is lost. When the unholy roman catholic church was formed in 300-400 there were still true believers in there because it was not manifested yet. Likewise I think the apostacy in our day hasnt fully manifested. Thats why I am kind of glad to see so much blatant error such as the propserity gospel, false revivals, etc coming in to the IC… it will drive the true saints out… make it easier for them to leave.

  2. fleebabylon says:


    I want to move onto to other things that are profitable for brethren in home fellowships or in IC’s, or anything in between. Freedom from besetting sin and worldliness, the absolute joy and riches of being reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, picking up your cross and walking after Him daily, the true power that is in His blood… I think the more brethren know of these things, the less satisfied they will be with attending an IC. That is, the more they have and know of the real, the less they will put up with the not so real…

  3. John A. says:

    Amen, I’m right with you. I appreciate your carefulness in 1. realizing that Church History isn’t cut and dry. It wasn’t like everyone woke up one morning in the year 400…and poof, the church was apostate. It didn’t work that way and it doesn’t today.

    It’s frustratingly gradual.

    There are times…I trust you will understand the sense in which I mean this….I wish it would hurry along.

    That way the lines of demarcation would become a bit clearer. In the mainstream evangelical world…it is moving along. What’s harder is with Reformed folk…I’m speaking in the broadest possible definition of that term.

    There’s still a lot of good teaching in those circles. But oh, how they love their systems and traditions. I know all too well.

    I have found it very difficult dealing with some of these brethren online and in person. I’m trying to shake them and stir them, but you end up offending them because they’re very proud of their Reformed or OPC, or PCA labels.

    What upsets me is that I’ve known many a Reformed pastor who will tell people to attend a United Methodist and Presbyterian Church USA or even Episcopal Church over staying home or meeting in a Home Church setting. The Institution and Form is paramount. When I hear them say things like that, I turn against them. That mindset is spiritually destructive.

  4. Loretta says:

    Thank you for this chart. I know many dear friends who are sure that we just need to reform the “Baptist” and “Bible teaching” Churches. They try again, striving: “this time the way we do Institutional Church it will be biblical” But then it quickly becomes the exact same thing they set out to reform. I’m just getting understanding and “sight” lately, of the truths that this chart expresses, the relationship between the Religious Mother, the harlot daughters and the pure Bride.

    • fleebabylon says:

      I know that some true brethren stay in there and try to reform it, all from a pure heart that loves Christ. I love them and feel for them even while dis-agreeing with them.

      Like you said, it doesnt need to be reformed, it needs to be abandoned. Just look at the wesleyans and methodists. They started out with the right motive and fire(even if they were leavened with some bad theology). Now they are cages full of unclean birds. The salvation army started on the streets (I love how they started) with the drunkards and least of society really getting saved and cared for (again inspite of some bad theology). Now they are the pride of hell. Hardly a mention of the name of Jesus in their organization. They advertise as “doing the most good”… not even a generic “God” reference. Just another apostate religous organization.

  5. fleebabylon says:

    The papacy sought to keep the word of God bound from the people…

    The reformed / protestant “bible believing” churches seek to keep the Spirit of God bound from the people (by way of the clergy laity system that keeps the body from truly functioning).

    Sola pastor and sola tradition – the two most influencial solas in the modern reformed / protestant church. We still live in the dark age.

    In Christ


  6. ian vincent says:

    I find it very convicting to ponder on these realities – What are we going to do, now that we know these things? We certainly would not want to repeat any of these errors.

    Good job, Jim, in keeping these matters on the front burner. The Holy flame should never go out.

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