He is no fool who lays down his life for Christ

Posted: June 15, 2011 in christian living, Jesus
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“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” -Jim Elliot

Many are familiar with the story of Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, and three other young missionaries who traveled to the jungles of South America to preach the Gospel to a dangerous native tribe.  This story is often considered to be tragic, as the five were killed by the tribesman before their mission had really begun.  Yet these very tribesmen were later saved and actually baptized the son of one of the murdered missionaries.  Consider the account of what took place the day they were murdered.

“Jim Elliot reached for the gun in his pocket. He had to decide instantly if he should use it. But he knew he couldn’t. Each of the missionaries had promised they would not kill an Auca who did not know Jesus to save himself from being killed. Within seconds, the Auca warriors threw their spears, killing all the missionaries”

This is Christianity; this is forsaking everything for love of Christ and love of your neighbor (even jungle neighbors).  This is ultimately what led the tribe to believing in the savior who would rather die than see His enemies perish.  They were utterly amazed that the missionaries chose to die rather than to use their guns and kill them instead.  As amazing as this testimony is, this is the call of Christ on everyone who would claim to be His disciple (Luke 9:23).  Though most will never have to physically lay down their life in martyrdom, it is the condition and terms to which we agree when we say we are Christians.  If you are a follower of Christ, you are a servant to all men, at all times, especially to your enemies.  The Lord showed us His love in that while we were still yet sinners, He died for us (Romans 5:8).  It was the Lord who showed us to lay down our lives for our enemies and calls us to follow in His footsteps (1 Peter 2:21)

“Would we send our daughters off to have sex if it would benefit our country?  Yet, we send our sons off to kill when we think it would benefit our country!” – Leonard Ravenhill

Now contrast the missionary story to Christianity in America today.

“The Christian soldiers stepped off their plane and opened fire on the tribe of muslim men in the mountains of Afghanistan, killing them and sending them to hell.  This was necessary to defend American freedom and protect American interests abroad. The Christian soldiers then came back to their evangelical church to be congratulated by their congregation, with the service ending in powerful renditions of God Bless America and Amazing Grace.”

Answers to the common objections of professing Christians

Some will say this comparison is apples and oranges because Americas Christian soldiers are acting under service of their government, which God ordained.  Would the same be so quick to say that it is also proper for Chinese believers to abort all of their children after the first, as their government has decided it is in the best interest of the citizen’s health, safety, and prosperity to limit the population?  I wonder if the state sponsored church in China has an “abortion appreciation day” for all of the women who risked their health to undergo abortion procedures in the name of “protecting Chinese interests”.  I can picture it now, down to the resounding renditions of God Bless China and Amazing Grace. 

Others will say that too is different because we are not talking about murdering children, but about dangerous men who want to hurt Americans.  What about other countries who consider America the enemy, where citizens don’t have access to the outside news.  What if all they hear about are their children being killed (collateral damage) by American bombs and bullets. Would you approve of their soldiers shooting American soldiers in order to protect their sense of freedom and their children?  What if there is a Christian in their army, will you thank God when he kills American soldiers; after all it is sanctified if he is acting under service of the government?

Still others will snarl and say “this is hypocrisy”, after all it’s coming from an American Christian who enjoys the “freedom” of the sacrifice of our brave Christian soldiers. What are these freedoms that’s we enjoy?  Freedom to have an abortion?  Freedom to choose which of the 300 cable channels we’d rather watch then seek the Lord in His word and in prayer?  Freedom to pursue the American dream?  Freedom to enjoy an at ease lifestyle with no real threat of persecution?  Freedom to keep up the pretense of having forsaken everything to follow Christ, while still being a lover of the world and the things of this world.  Am I getting warmer?


I suppose that to a people who use the blood of Jesus to secure such freedoms in their lives, spilling the blood of a few nameless Arabs in the desert is no big deal if it accomplishes the same goal.  Yet these nameless Arabs are known by God, they were created in His image, however evil or dangerous they may now be.  Historically, followers of Christ laid down their lives to take the Gospel to such people.  Instead, today we have a church that lives at ease in Zion, lukewarm in devotion, still holding onto things of the world, doing anything in their power to protect their American dream and the illusion of being a true disciple of Christ at the same time.  Having refused the conditions of the cross of Jesus Christ many have sadly chosen to kill their perceived enemies and send them to hell.   I cannot help but feel that this may be the greatest betrayal to God and our fellow man that the world has ever seen.   Leave the fighting to the people of the world; you are called to lay down your life for your enemies just as Christ did to show the love of God.  Though we are also called to pray for our countries leaders and to pay taxes that are due to them, we must also give to God what belongs to God.  To God belongs glory, glory that He is not getting from the muslim world, and for that matter from the “Christian” world either. 

I strongly encourage you to read Nate Saints sons testimony below (the one baptized by his father’s murderer) and the short “wiki” biography of Jim Elliot.



  1. fleebabylon says:

    Many in the right wing evangelical church need not worry about recieving some mark of the beast, and the reason isnt because they will be raptured before that time. The reason is that most already bear the mark of the beast. It will be an easy transition for them if there comes a physical mark. It will become easy for them to kill true saints too, because they have already been trained to kill arabs in the name of Jesus.

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