Pet Doctrine

Posted: July 19, 2011 in christian living

When a true doctrine is so heavily exalted above all other teaching of scripture that it becomes error.

  1. Mark says:

    That error then becomes another gospel. Put together by the teaching and commandments of men.

  2. ian vincent says:


    “Pet Doctrine

    When a true doctrine is so heavily exalted above all other teaching of scripture that it becomes error.”

    Error happens when people fail to recognize that Jesus is the Truth : therefore, we only correctly understand any truth if we understand how it relates to the Person, the Man Christ Jesus.

    Any teaching/doctrine should reveal Jesus. If there is a teaching that doesn’t reveal who Jesus is, then it’s dead.

    De-personalized truth becomes a dead doctrine.

    (All scripture points to this Person bcos it is Holy Spirit inspired, and the Holy Spirit exclusively glorifies The Son, who reveals the Father)


    We often have people insinuate we are false teachers. We shoud try to get such people to think about what is false teaching. It is anything which detracts from the true nature of Christ, His attributes, and His finished work on the Cross, and His promises., His place in His Church, His preeminence in all things…

    Ironically, all of the above is the REASON why many call us false teachers. They stumble over the rock of offense, the skandalon. The offense of the Cross.

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