Posted: November 24, 2011 in christian living
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I was reminded of one morning, a couple years ago, that I stopped at Starbucks on my way to the office.  I had felt that I should give a Gospel tract to someone that morning.  There was only one person in line with me though.  I reasoned how awkward it would be to give them a tract and that no good would come out of it.

I then got convicted and made a deal with the Lord that I would give this lady the tract if she was still there after I got my coffee.  She was, she got her coffee at the same time as I did and started to walk out in front of me.  I had my coffee in one hand, a tract and car keys in the other.  I reasoned there was no way I could give her the tract since it would look like I was trying to give her my keys and that no good would come of it. 

We walked out the door; she was a pace ahead of me.  I started walking to my car.  She started walking to my car also.  She opened the driver side door of my car and got in.  I said, “um excuse me miss, I take it you drive a white rendezvous also?”  She said “Oh I can’t believe it, look mine is a couple spots down.  I am so embarrassed”.  I said “No problem.  I think God wants me to give this to you” (or words to that effect) as I handed her the tract.

I am still such a chicken sometimes, full of unbelief.

  1. ian vincent says:

    : )

    That has Jesus written all over it.
    Chickens of the world, UNITE!

  2. ian vincent says:

    Just on the subject of being chicken (not related to your testimony here) :

    I had a revelation last week that SOMETIMES (only sometimes) when we feel a blocking and a total inadequacy to preach the Gospel, it can be bcos it’s a case of us trying to go it alone and not in a team of at least two, and if that’s the case, then God is withholding the grace to do it till we do it His way.

  3. Mark says:

    How sweet! God is good.

  4. ian vincent says:

    Hi brother,

    Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs.

    Team preaching was more common than individual efforts in the NT.

    Therefore it’s more likely we will have God’s power attend us if we work as a team.

  5. lol… God has great sense of humor….

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