A revival almost always begins among the laity. The ecclesiastical leaders seldom welcome reformation. History repeats itself. The present leaders are too comfortably situated as a rule to desire innovation that might require sacrifice on their part. And God’s fire only falls on sacrifice. An empty altar receives no fire. Cold intellectualism, formal ecclesiasticism, and priestly domination are altogether outside the genius of the Gospel.” ~Frank Bartleman; “The Azusa Street Revival

What if every AOG member who truly loved Jesus left the system?

What if they started to meet on the level ground of the Gospel as brothers and sisters in Christ?

What if they left the denominations buildings to meet and pray in homes, little store fronts in the city, a barn out in the country?

What if they left the corrupt religious system built on the commandments of men and instead committed themselves more soberly to the instructions of the apostles and our Lord?

What if AOG members came to realize that they are currently “altogether outside the genius of the Gospel” according to one of their early pioneers said above?

What if there were no titles, no clergy, no laity, no tithe raps, no generosity action plans, just a many membered body willing to go outside the religious camp and bare the reproach of Christ?

What would happen?

Maybe something like Azusu street.

  1. Al Nelson says:

    What if the laity challenged their preconceived notion of what “church” is compared to what Christ called us too? Yet a laziness and blind acceptance rules. Beginning to study the Bible is a must. Learning church history from a biblical world view paramount. I’m intrigued by Asuza street and need to study the account a bit more myself. I read a few accounts of it early in my investigations and came away with the impression that it was poison from the get go. Maybe I was wrong from some thing I’ve read recently. Maybe it started out with the Lord, but deceivers crept in.

  2. fleebabylon says:

    “Maybe I was wrong from some thing I’ve read recently. Maybe it started out with the Lord, but deceivers crept in.”

    I am waiting to get the bartleman book as I cant give any wholesale endorsement to it yet either brother…

  3. ian vincent says:

    Good little article and good questions. What happens if there’s no religious system? Usually, nothing. And that is why the system exists. Christians have been conditioned into being organized into action by someone they see as a spiritual authority. To organically fellowship and function together without an “authorized” person to lead them is virtually unknown. So the system creates ignorance and then feeds off that ignorance and finds it self-justification from that ignorance of God’s ways and of Godly authority. But it is possible for God to break thru this vicious cycle – this closed loop, and it requires laying down our lives for a few brethren and faithfully serving them and praying for them until they see the Kingdom and their place in it. We are seeing the beginnings of such an organic functioning here in Shillong.

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