The shepherding role of elders

Posted: August 29, 2012 in christian living, ecclesia, Jesus

Taken from Ians blog

He intercedes for his spiritual family, covers them in prayer, watches out for them, identifies and blocks the works of the enemy, shielding them in prayer, and teaching them the Word.

Do not recognize any man as an elder who does not do this as his joy and his calling (and not bcos he’s paid to do it).

And you guys who desire to be elders (A good desire, 1 Tim 3:1) make sure you are first a faithful shepherd to your family, and a faithful spiritual elder to the younger saints who need your prayers and counsel.

  1. Sean Scott says:

    Yea, that is a wonderful exhortation and explanation!

  2. fleebabylon says:

    “Do not recognize any man as an elder who does not do this as his joy and his calling (and not bcos he’s paid to do it).”

    Another things is that men who love power or recognition will not be happy about someone else with a strong gifting coming into the fellowship. This puts his honor and/or salary in jepordy. A man with a love for the saints will be very happy because now the body will have more help to grow up stronger. God bless the elder that lives to see others built up, to bless others, to spend himself for the brethren.. including fellow elders.

    Just some things I was thinking. One more thing that has been on my heart is about wicked cain, and how as believers we can have a casual attitude that says “am I my brothers keeper” when we neglect to pray for and care for our brethren. Is there any better way we can spend our life than building others up in Christ with whatever gift or measure of faith God has freely given us? Jesus help me to live like this though I am no elder.

    “Am I my brothers keeper”

  3. ian vincent says:

    Hi Jim, as to your point about there being conflict between different men in the Assembly as to who really deserves to be in the “head position” – just the creation of the “head position” creates and invites such a conflict of interest and competition, and disharmony, etc. Which must surely be one reason why Jesus did not create such a position in His Church, in the first place, but made all the elders co-equal.

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