The NT Church is replicable anywhere

Posted: September 11, 2012 in christian living, ecclesia, Jesus
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Taken from Ian’s Blog

The real and true NT pattern for the Church, bcos it is based on relationships, exists wherever those real relationships exist – for Christ Jesus Himself has formed those relationships, and sustains them with His love – and He is there IN THE MIDST of that love, for He Himself is the bond of love between us.

No affiliation with any other outside group, organization or institution validates or makes a NT Church an “official” Church. Only true Christian CHARACTER validates anyone or any group. Then, true character will result in fellowship with all the saints around the world, in Jesus name.

So, here is God’s mandate for the growth of His Church : Go forth and multiply! Teach people and live out the reality of daily fellowship, of genuine care and relationship in Christ, and Jesus’ people will be released to do the same.

The true NT pattern is self-replicating anywhere and everywhere in the world.

And this is only possible by living in the simplicity (free from traditions) and the authenticity which the NT Church lived in.


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