The very act of preaching

Posted: February 20, 2013 in christian living, Jesus, Witnessing

The very act of preaching is a declaration of faith. The hearers can see faith in the preacher, as they are confronted by the faith of the preacher. They are confronted, both, by the message, and by the faith of the one who preaches it. The faith that compels a man to preach, and is then manifested in his preaching, is a flaming torch and a light in the spiritual realm. It’s like he is establishing a beachhead of faith, in hostile territory. He is like a forerunner of faith. People see that this man or woman really believes in Jesus enough to throw away their own standing in the world by preaching Jesus. People see a man or woman who is not ashamed of Jesus. They can then consider why they are ashamed of Jesus. They see someone who believes. They can then consider if they also should believe. They see someone who has denied themselves and taken up their cross, so they can consider whether they also should deny themselves and take up their cross. ~ Ian Vincent

  1. Scarlett says:

    Speaking of preaching, there is nothing more that I love to hear and see is that of a firey, bold street preacher declaring the gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST without his words falling to the ground. These are the true evangelists and heros of the faith.

  2. Sean Scott says:

    Amen, that’s a great post.

  3. That’s the best thing I have read in a l-o-n-g time …

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