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Posted: August 25, 2013 in christian living, ecclesia, harlot church, Jesus

An honest collector of precious gems would much rather have a small but pure diamond than a large counterfeit rock.  It would be good if professed followers of the Lord Jesus Christ had this same mind.  I have seen institutional church members ‘exhort’ a believer who has fled from their camp and is ‘only’ meeting with a small group of others by using Hebrews 10:25 many times.  Is this not as preposterous as a man with a large counterfeit diamond exhorting a man with a small pure one.  Let’s even say a true believer is out in the wilderness for a season alone (no longer than necessary I pray).   It would still be an extreme absurdity for someone in the system to play the  Hebrews 10:25 card.

Better a small gem fashioned by the Lord than a large fake fashioned by the whims of carnal religious men.

Or to put it another way, in northern Michigan you would much rather have a small but well built cabin to ride out out the coming winter storm than a large impressive looking one that collapses under the weight of the snow.  All of men’s religious kingdoms are destined to perish because only what Jesus died for will remain and He did not die for any of the counterfeit, carnal, garbage that is so precious in the eyes of undiscerning men.  Likewise, even in a true believers life all of our works will be tried by fire.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

If there are two things we should be as right as possible on they are how to live as the Lord calls us to as individual believers and then how to live as the Lord calls us collectively together in Jesus name in our day.  It would not be an exaggeration to state that these two truths are almost completely leavened with doctrines of men and demons in our generation.

I recently came across this article about why people ‘go to church’.  You will not have to read far to see most aren’t qualified to answer as they don’t have a clue what ‘church’ is.  Imagine a conversation where the man with the large counterfeit diamond explains how valuable it is to him then read the replies here ~

  1. Mickey Merrie (chief among the sinners of this age) says:

    I don’t go anywhere but to the Rock of my salvation… He is the Stone the “builders” rejected!
    Men build buildings and “fife dumbs,”…pun intended.

    My Lord builds men!

    First He breaks them, then He breathes Life into them, and then He fashions them into His Temple of Living Stones on His Foundation laid, the Apostles.

    No man can put you into His church/Ekklesia, which is the One that the gates of hell can NEVER prevail against!

    Oh, and He does all of this for His GLORY. For I and the rest of those living stones deserve nothing more than rejection and to be piled up in the lake of fire!

  2. What I find most amazing is despite all the praise in regard to everything church related, people still can’t see that their lives don’t echo the manner of life of those in the New Testament. Do they really have power over sin in their lives? Do they even see the need to overcome sin? Do they have perpetual peace? Do they think they even need this? Do they see the command, value and necessity to embrace the cross of Christ? Do they recognize the result of refusing to do so?

    These are only six of the questions among hundreds which show the disparity between the real thing and the counterfeit. Instead of comparing their individual and corporate lives and practices to the ACTUAL BIBLICAL PATTERN, instead they prefer to compare their false beliefs to the present status quo of the day or their church, which of course always falls in line.

    If I believe I will always sin, then I will sin and make light of it. On the other hand, if I believe I can live free of sin, I will not stop believing that until I possess what God promises. In a similar vein, if I believe my church is good and from God I will never question that belief. It will become solidified the longer I believe it. On the other hand, if I believe I and we are the “church” (ekklesia), then that is where my focus and service will be directed. It’s where my faith resides and in whom that dictates and drives my behaviors. What I believe determines both my actions and final destination.

    I read the article and comments Jim- sad indeed, though not surprising. It’s only when each of us has a taste of the real thing that we have a means from which to compare the real from the counterfeit. Most professing believers have never seen such and as we know, many have never even met the real Jesus.

    I believe that those who continually seek Him will eventually find a genuine expression of Him among the saints. Our Lord promises that those who seek will find, and their hearts will be comforted.

    As you said Jim and I wholly agree, we must first be faithful individual Christians before God, and then seek to be a faithful corporate expression among other believers.

    We’re the one’s called to believe and then to see, the world must see to believe. It’s every believer’s responsibility to open that door of opportunity for them.

  3. Interesting analogy [or extended metaphor], brother: I’ll remember to share that, as God leads.

    You know what people discount?

    The verses that, when interpreted, basically say, “God does it!”

    They forget that God will bring all things He has said to pass.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom …

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