Who would Jesus boycott

Posted: December 7, 2013 in apostasy, catholicism, christian living, ecclesia, Jesus

1 Corinthians 5: 9  [edit]

I wrote to you in my epistle not to keep company with sexually immoral people.  Yet I certainly did not mean with the sexually immoral people of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world.  But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person.  For what have I to do with judging those also who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside?  But those who are outside God judges. Therefore “put away from yourselves the evil person.”

The American Family Association is always busy urging professing Christians to boycott various retailers (starbucks, home depot, radio shack).  Yet God’s word tells us we would need to leave the world to boycott those who promote sin in some form or other.  As a side note, how is refusing to support the pagan/roman holy day of christ-mass a sin. God’s word says that it is fine to associate with unsaved people who live in all forms of sin and that we are NOT to judge them, but to be humble witnesses to them.  Yet this very same word says NOT to associate with those who call themselves Christians but live in sin.  I’m convicted that his includes groups based on patriotic idolatry or who support harlot roman catholicsm (AFA). [edit]

AFA – Boycott Radio Shack

  1. fleebabylon says:

    On a side note, I actually don’t shop at radio shack. The one by my house mercilessly tries to up-sell you and get you to buy batteries every time you go in there. It is such a put off and I will never go back there.

    Would you like to buy some batteries with that today…

    “No thank you”

    They are on sale buy one get one free…

    “No, I’m good, thanks”

    Well, you never know when you’ll need some batteries…

    “Please just ring me up”

  2. Scarlett says:

    I feel like I’m “boycotting” most of the stores where I have to shop for necessities when they start hauling out the Christmas stuff in November. But it’s just that I was set free from all that some years ago, and thank God for it. Another thing I was set free from was the never ending petitions for one thing or another…..supposedly “righteous” causes. Christians should know by now that the world is not changed by legislation, boycotting or petitions but only by the grace and power of the Most High God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. “Christians should know by now that the world is not changed by legislation, boycotting or petitions but only by the grace and power of the Most High God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ”

    I love it. Can I use this quote on my internet site? I want to put it in the section Free Truths for Life with this title: Change That Endures. Obviously everything listed here is for free use and not copyrighted by anyone.

    You can read or use a few yourself (Scarlet) at my site below if you care to.

    and yes…..they should know by now and yet…..little do they realize that neither our own efforts or our self confidence has any part in Biblical Christianity. Sadly even AA’s “Let go and let God” is closer to the truth than most professing believers will ever get.

    For some reason I’m sensing the urge to print up a “Boycott Self” T-shirt. And no, I won’t mass produce it.

    • Scarlett says:

      “For some reason I’m sensing the urge to print up a “Boycott Self” T-shirt. And no, I won’t mass produce it.”

      If you do dear brother, please save one for me. I really need the reminder.

      And, thanks for the invitation to your blog. If you noticed sheep tracks all over it, that would have been me, munching on the very digestible and edifying sheep chow there.

      I was up until 2 AM feasting until I could eat no more, and then got up for breakfast and went for another meal.

      Really nourishing spiritual food I’ve been searching for out here in the waste howling wilderness. Jesus bless you for the provision.

      • Like you Scarlett, I am merely the result of God’s grace extended and His grace shared among the few He has brought together. It took me 10 more years before I would relinquish the desire I had for “my ministry” and that was 5 years after my last church. Only then did He allow me to meet and fellowship with Jim, others and now you in a manner that exclusively keeps Him at the center.

        Their is wisdom in knowing how and when to fellowship with others- even on the outside!

        Thanks for the permission to use your words. I’ll have them up shortly.

        • Scarlett says:

          My words…I am not a wordsmith by any means, and sometimes have great difficulty expressing what’s in my heart.

          Let me try to explain….

          Jesus has been drawing me closer to a deeper place in Him. That’s why I was so happy to have come across your name, and blog and have been literally devouring the writing there. Accident? I think not.

          I am saddened that I have tried to explain to some that I must move on, even leaving them behind in the place they have chosen to be, and they are taking it personal as if it’s about my rejecting them. It isn’t. It’s about Jesus, and what He wants.

          I am widowed and have no husband to teach me, nor do I desire a husband. I wish to be Jesus disciple only, to sit quietly, to listen and learn at His feet. My heart cries out for true fellowship.

          I have been for many years wandering alone in the wilderness. It would be a true blessing and comfort to be a learner and listener in this ekklesia. Would that be possible? I’m hoping you will say yes.

          • First Scarlett, thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself and what you believe our Lord has presently called you to in Him.

            As to our Sunday night Google hangouts (what the participants claim is an ekklesia), we don’t exclude people, though we do like to interact with individuals on another night with one or two other brothers or sisters before we invite them to participate on Sunday nights. It’s not about rejecting others as you yourself have testified but about making sure that the dynamic of the fellowship doesn’t change too dramatically.

            For example, we want the fellowship to center around Jesus Himself and generally attempt to discern what He is speaking to us corporately each week. We are not opposed to individuals attempting to teach, though that would be a rarity and we haven’t gone their yet. Each of us are very sensitive to the desires of the others and usually ask each other “permission” before we invite someone we do not know or attempt to interject something that is new. It’s not a law amongst us but rather a courtesy among family.

            Each individual who has left Babylon is in a stage of growth in getting free from what that is and means. Although we occasionally talk about church or what used to be, that is not our focus. Our focus remains upon Jesus and how we can walk, grow and serve one another as He leads us.
            In other words, many people out there want fellowship and to be a part of others though they may or may not be adequately prepared yet. I’m encouraged by your statement above, “Jesus is drawing me to a deeper place in Him” as this is evidence that you aren’t likely to allow “fellowship” to overrule or stifle your devotion to Him. We certainly would always desire to encourage you to witness and even contribute to the expression of Jesus amongst us- but not at the expense of Jesus Himself. This is why we have to be cautious, not to mention many other obvious reasons.

            Last week we spent a few minutes discussing other individuals who have asked or desired to participate amongst us. I do actually remember Jim bringing up your name. The group is limited to ten by Google’s technology, though it would be easy to start up a second group. Presently their are four to five regularly committed individuals with another 10 or so that have participated. Most weeks it’s between 5-7 people over the span of about 3.5 hours. (8:30pm-12:00am) EST. We have also recently begun a prayer group that meets on Thursday nights as well- also on Google. A first step would be to get a Google account (with a gmail address) I’m not computer savvy but Jim certainly is if you need help.

            By the way, both Jim and I live in Michigan- about 2 hours from each other. I have been able to visit him and his family twice which was a tremendous blessing as I’m sure you know.

            I have no issue with you participating Scarlett, as I trust Jim and his recommendation of you.

            • Scarlett says:

              I fully understand and agree with the standards set forth in the group, as I well remember when I was a new believer having a marvelous growth period and joyous time in the LORD in such a way between a few brethren in my apartment. To my regret, It was demolished by just one person that came in.

              Until that happened it had been so amazing, just like this……

              “How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying. 1Cor, 14:26.

              If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you and the other brethren involved as I believe He is, then He is well able to decide the outcome in regard to this. In any case, I will continue reading, praying, pressing in and seeking His will.

              PS: Jim, thank you brother for thinking of me. That means a lot.


  4. Scarlett says:

    Please feel free. Among the Forgotten. When I thought of that part of my comment, it came to me how foreign such manipulation was from the gospel that Jesus preached and taught. Jesus, who drew the masses of spiritually hungry and thirsty like a honey comb. Jesus who by the sheer power of His Divine and Holy Presence invited the sinner to come to Him, to be healed spiritually and physically, to be set free, not by force but by the power of God.

  5. fleebabylon says:

    “Jesus, who drew the masses of spiritually hungry and thirsty like a honey comb. Jesus who by the sheer power of His Divine and Holy Presence invited the sinner to come to Him, to be healed spiritually and physically, to be set free, not by force but by the power of God.”

    Amen and it is great to hear from you dear sister.


  6. John says:

    Do boycotts really do anything. Can anyone demonstrate where a boycott every worked to change a company? Should Christians be in the business of boycotting stores? Often what happens is boycotting becomes a bandwagon thing.

  7. Personal boycotts are fine. [The Holy Spirit leads me not to spend my time in or money at various establishments: no problem!]

    Political boycotts in the name of Jesus are of the same spirit as the Pharisees traditions, which served to uproot and replace the traditions of God: they misrepresent who Christ is, and they replace the true witness [sharing and preaching the gospel] with political organizing and action.


    • fleebabylon says:

      For sure brother…

      While we do have clear instruction to obey our own convictions in disputable matters, instructions on organizing the boycott of secular retailers are strangely missing from the pages of scripture.

  8. fleebabylon says:

    “As a side note, how is refusing to support the pagan/roman holy day of christ-mass a sin. ”

    Also, this comment is not meant as an attack on any brethren who from a pure heart say, I think it is a good day to put focus on Jesus.. It is just very misguided to try and claim it an attack on Christianity that the world doesn’t celebrate this extra biblical holiday that has its roots in pagan rome.

  9. Scarlett says:

    There are things we should avoid, and things we can’t avoid. We shouldn’t become militant about either one.

    Right now I’m thinking about my personal situation in this past year. I’ve either sold everything I have or given it away, and moved to the mountains of Southern Colorado with my adult son, and am living in a small Motorhome, (temporarily, I hope).

    Said son, is what we would call a carnal, (mental assent) Christian, and not fully in there, although I see him having more compassion and love in his heart than many “staunch” believers. In any case, it can become more than a bit testing, when he wants me to turn on Classic Rock in this small RV, from which there is no escape.

    The moral of this story, (said with tongue in cheek), is that we can’t boycott our loved ones, even though sometimes we might want to, or at least put some distance in between.

    I almost have to laugh at this situation because in this case, the LORD has me just where he wants me, and by the same token, has said son just where he wants him, (who would no doubt like to boycott me at times as well).

    That said, no, we aren’t to judge unbelievers, as we’ve been discussing here, nor are we to judge anyone in an unrighteous way ,including our own loved ones.Let all things be done in love, and let that love of Jesus overflow onto them. Perhaps it will bear fruit in due time. For surely, mercy is better than sacrifice.

    Jesus gave some good advice as usual. I think we can be on our way, and just opt out of boycotts and petitions and the like, and be about the Master’s business as led by the Spirit with hands lifted in praise instead of a placard held in the air.

    • fleebabylon says:

      Thank you for sharing more of your life and wisdom Scarlett. I can’t really add much beyond that. God bless you in all you do there.


  10. I think it also had some roots in the Babylonian Empire … If I remember correctly …

  11. In the interests of full disclosure, I do have to admit that I have, on occasion, partaken quite liberally of “Christmas” cookies …

    • fleebabylon says:

      As far as cookies, that is completely a matter of conscience and if they have the good kind of frosting or not brother. The picture in the link is taken a mile from my house. I recently walked around drinking hot coffee with my family, looking at the pretty lights. I am simple like that (I could care less for what occasion the lights are displayed). It will all burn one day for sure as will my favorite hooded sweatshirt but I enjoy that too for the season I have it.


  12. Scarlett says:

    Mark, thank you for your transparency. I do believe it was you who one time, also in the interest of full disclosure, revealed you were born with a donut in one hand, (and something or other in the other one…..a bottle of chocolate milk?) Weren’t we all? 🙂

    I too will admit to a fondness for Christmas cookies, or any other time of the year cookies.

    I also confess to being moved to tears when I hear “Oh Holy Night” being sung, especially, when it comes to the part where it says, “fall on your knees, oh hear the angels voices”.

    Maybe, eating the cookies and spitting out the bones should be the rule of thumb during this season, and not allowing the cookies or anything else to be a bone of contention to disturb our spirit the least little bit.

    Think I’ll just opt out of what has become a yearly controversy and be at peace with Jesus, loving him, right in the big middle of all of the glitter and tinsel.

    • fleebabylon says:

      The whole “should believers celebrate christmas” question reminds me of something I heard and old brother say…

      “Don’t worry about trying to live up to the light that I claim to have. But don’t you dare live up to less than the light you do have”.

      In Christ -Jim

      • Scarlett says:

        As for me, I just don’t want my own light to be darkness. That’s a very serious admonition from Jesus, and a little more than scary to contemplate.

        I need more eye salve, and to get any spiritual ear wax out, so I can see and hear better what He is saying.

        • Al Nelson says:

          Did someone start a cookie party without me? 😦
          LOL Certainly our household doesn’t make a big stink about the holiday either. We just live our lives and when people ask we explain the Truth to them. By now the extended families on both my side and the wife’s (though her family has kicked us to the curb) know why we don’t celebrate such things. But it’s better to be salt and light to the world.
          Scarlett, it would be great to meet you in the hangout as the Lord leads us. I’m sure my wife would like to meet you as well. She has been by my side in the journey since this group has begun to meet. These brothers that the Lord has sent into our lives have been such a blessing from our King.

  13. “Think I’ll just opt out of what has become a yearly controversy and be at peace with Jesus, loving him, right in the big middle of all of the glitter and tinsel.”

    Words of wisdom …

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