Jesus vs the watchtower

Posted: May 11, 2014 in apostasy, harlot church, Jesus

My son and I were recently approached by Frank in a local parking lot.  Frank was out evangelizing for the watchtower religious organization.  I told him about all that Christ had done for me and asked what he had to offer me that I didn’t already have in Christ… his answer was the organization that he loved, don’t remember the exact words but that is pretty close.  I told him I loved Jesus and hated man made religious organizations, especially those that preached an accursed gospel.  He shook my hand and departed after implying that I was not being loving.

Love for God is pure, love for the brethren is pure, yet  love for a third party institution is as defiled as having a 3rd lover in a marriage.  To be fair to Frank, in the end he is not that much different than the average baptist, lutheran, methodist, nazarene, etc.  He may have slightly more abhorrent beliefs of course.  I do plan to add this tract to my collection though for the future.







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