Satan invented the clergy-laity system

Posted: June 9, 2015 in apostasy, christian living, ecclesia, Jesus

The second category of Satan’s work is found in the system of the clergy and the laity. Read the history of the church. After Satan began by using so many substitutes to usurp the place of Christ, he invented the clergy-laity system. What was his intention in doing that? It was to kill all the functions of the members of the Body. Originally, all the members without exception were normal, functioning members. But gradually the enemy set up the clergy-laity system to limit the function to just a small number of believers. Since the majority have been put out of function, the Body has been paralyzed.

Oh, the subtlety of the enemy! His first step is to replace the life. He does this with anything other than Christ. His second step is to kill the function. He has done this by installing the clergy-laity system.

Brothers and sisters, we must see the evil strategy of the enemy, Satan, behind these moves. We have taken the clergy-laity system so much for granted. We have been so influenced by our background in Christianity, so steeped in it, that this evil system is in our very bloodstream. There should be no clergy in the church, and neither should there be any laity. We are against the clergy, and we are even more against the laity. Every believer must be a functioning member in the Body. Satan has moved to choke and kill the normal functioning of all the members by the clergy-laity system. -Watchman Nee

  1. fleebabylon says:

    It is this writing which I understand contributed to Nee losing support from the western churches. Still he labored to strengthen the underground saints in China.

  2. fleebabylon says:

    I detest the distinction of clergy and laity.

    Scarcely anything has been more injurious to the kingdom of Christ than the distinction between clergy and laity.

    for the distinction between clergy and laity has no excuse in Scripture, which calls the saints, “God’s kleros”—God’s clergy, or heritage. Again we read, “You are a royal priesthood.” Every man that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ is anointed to exercise the Christian priesthood and, therefore, he need not put his trust in another, seeing the supposed priest is no more than any other man.

    -Charles Spurgeon

  3. voicewilderness1 says:

    I have given up on religion. I cannot stand to spend another hour sitting in a church pew having to sit perfectly still and quiet, seeing the backs of people’s heads, parroting canned rote prayers and watching empty religious rituals, sitting and standing by command of the religious leader. It is so dead and meaningless. Thank you for your blog. I have not given up on Jesus Christ and his word.

    • fleebabylon says:

      May the Lord lead you to a few believers to fellowship with house to house and in daily life brother (or sister I guess -sorry) if you don’t already. Beware of many wolves in the wilderness though but don’t reject true brethren just because they are off in some area (as we all have been at various times). God bless you in Christ -Jim

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